Posted by: aang | April 16, 2007

Kebodohan dua manusia bodoh

We are stupid this night but not in intelligent term. Just stupid for this nite.
Jadi rencana malam ini aku ingin jalan-jalan sambil menyelasaikan pekerjaan kantor. Lebih tepatnya nongkrong dan sambil bekerja. So not wasting time sambil menyelam minum air. Tapi kalau itu nyelam di empang yang ada air bekas cebokan. Hahahahahhaha
So i decided to go to sarinah plaza find some place to hang out. Then we go to dunkin but it opens until 11 pm. We have a long night for this time, coz we have something in common. Tonight we wanna just have fun and forget our problem for a while.
Then we had dinner in hot planet and there was no wifi spot there. Ok then we went to starbuck café. I thought there were a free internet acces. But then I realized we must paid firt or prepaid acces. Oh my good! It was not for free. Then the price is 44rb rupiah for an hour. No Way! Better I spend that money for something else.
How stupid we were. But the only we got this night is we’ve got something new. That is the night life of Jakarta. Jakarta has never sleep. People do their activity in 24 hour a day. I mean that there is no a sleeping time for Jakarta.
Selain itu banyak pemandangan yang keren-keren yang menggoda hati. Tapi no way. I am not that stupid person. Menjaga pandangan karena memang berbahaya. Lagipula tujuan utama aku khan untuk belajar mengenai masalah perberasan di Indonesia. So let’s back to the work.

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