Posted by: aang | November 12, 2007

Christina Aguilera, a tribute for


She is beautiful. She is sexy. And she has a great voice. The most important part is I love her completely. I like her songs, her voice, and also her life. It is no secret that I adore her. My best friends know that I adore Christina Aguilera so much. But no one knew that I hated her before loving her now.

When she showed up with her single Genie in the Bottle, I hate her because of she was just like Britney Spears. But I was wrong. When first time I heard her third single I Turn to You, I was amazed with her voice and her vocal technique. I realized that she was different. She is very different to Britney Spears. She is really a singer. She was great. And I just run to CD store and bought her first album. Until now and then I still love her.

Then she made amazed for her single Reflection. Wow I knew it from the start that she would be a music legend.  People said she has Spinto Soprano, known for her strong vocal and powerful voice.  She has a four-octave vocal range. And she got inspired by her favorite singer Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Uniquely, she can sing like Mariah’s way, with her whistle technique, and also Aguilera can do sing like Whitney’s way, with her powerful voice. But she prefers to sing with her powerful voice rather than with whistle technique. But everybody knows that Mariah hated Christina so much. Because Christina could do a whistle voice many time at live. Because Mariah thought only she who could do it at live.

When public said that she was rivaling with her Mickey Mouse Club friend, Britney Spears, she answered that opinion wisely. I still remember she said that she got a different music vision to Britney had. I knew she can said “How fool you are!! I’m not doing lip-sync and I am singing not singing while I was dancing. I got a four –octave vocal range. Don’t say that I am Britney Spears wannabe. I doubt that Britney Even got a one-octave range.” (Sorry Britney it was a joke).

Christina Maria Aguilera was born at 18th November 1980. She got a Spanish blood from her father and an Irish blood from her mother. Her parents divorced when she was around 10 years old. A bad experience that she had in her childhood has been an inspiration for her music.

She got her first Grammy for best new artist with her single What a girl wants. Then She got her second Grammy for best pop collaboration with vocal with her single A Lady Marmalade, which is she collaborated with Lil Kym, Pink, and Mya. Then She Got her third Grammy for best female pop vocal performance for her single Beautiful, which is so inspiring. Then in Grammy Latin she got for Best female pop vocal album for her Latin album Mi reflejo. Then she got Grammy Again, well she is the best, for best female pop vocal performance for her single Ain’t no other man.

Well I was very touched with her songs such as Beautiful, A Voice Within, and Hurt. She cro-wrote her songs by herself so her music is so personal.

When she was on stripped-era many people said that she was on her bad. But her album was so successful on selling point and music reviewer too. Try to listening Infatuation. It is a great song with a strong Latin’s influence. Or listen to beautiful “I am beautiful no matter what they said. Words won’t bring me down….”  Which is has a great and provocative lyric.

”When there is no one else look inside yourself. Like your oldest friend trust the voice the within. Then you’ll find the strength that will guide your way. You’ll learn to begin trust the voice within.”

Then she changed her image on her third album”Back to Basic”. She took a Marilyn Monroe look with her blonde and short hair. Her third album she described as a throwback to the 20s, 30s, and 40s-style jazz, blues, and feel-good soul music, but with a modern twist. She is looked more mature and calm now. And she was married with Jordan Bratman. How lovely she got her honeymoon on Bali Island Indonesia. But unfortunately, she didn’t plan her Back to Basic tour on Indonesia.

She said in her latest album that this album is a love gift for her husband. She said his love has changed her to be a better woman. In this album her vocal technique is more mature and better. Try to listening Hurt, Without You, Save Me from Myself, and I Got Trouble. In the end, what people said about Christina Aguilera she is a great singer. She is worth it to be a Diva just like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Barbara Streisand.

If you don’t like her now try to listening to her songs and then decide it.



  1. suka Christina Aguilera ya? sama =)
    iya tu Christina pas Back To Basics perginya ke Filipina ama Singapore.. Ga ke Indo..

  2. yup. she inspires me much in music. although i am not a professional singer but many friends said i have a vocal producing like Christina had. off course in men’s voice way and mine is not 100% the same. ya gak dre???? he5x.

  3. Hmm…
    4-octaves range voice….
    Just Like Me….



  4. CiehHh!!!

    iya deh.yg fanatik ma Xtina!
    aku juga ko’,walopun ga seGD cintaku ma mBak B, but Christina is fine.

    I wonder,when will they (Xtina n B)have a collaboration?


    nih Ang,dah ta’sambangin blogMu.

    Tacik,mizZ U!!!

  5. hmmm you like christina too? i agree with you. she is the best in pop for her generation. i thought she would ended just like britney did. but hey she got a strong control for herself and her career. she got a great voice and just a matter of time she will be a legend just like celine. if only she managed her career carefully.
    btw, your producing sound like christina did??? well i wanna listen your singing.
    salam kenal.

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