Posted by: aang | January 1, 2008

A New Day Live in Las Vegas (DVD)

Info Produk:

Judul        : A New Day Live in Las Vegas

Artist        : Celine Dion

Director    : Franco Dragone

Produksi    : Sony BMG Music

DVD    : DVD 1 (The Concert & Bonus Feature: Because You Love Me A Tribute To The Fans) dan DVD 2 (Special Features : A New Day All Access & Bonus Feature A New Day The Secrets)


What Can I Say About This DVD??? Wow I have too much words to describe it. It’s a damn best DVD I ever had. I have been waiting for years and finally I got it. After I watched this DVDs (FYI: I Have watched it for 5 times till now) I could say it is a best performing from the greatest singer in the world. It was not just a concert from the greatest singer but it was also a theatre show. Yes it was a concert and a theatre show. You won’t just see Celine singing her hits but you will see 50 dancers in stage dancing. but it was not only that. The background was so amazing. There was the biggest screen indoor ever in the biggest theatre. The wardrobe was great, the dancers were amazing, the choreographer during the show was so fantastic, and off course Celine performed her best in this DVD. So it was a most complete and amazing show you ever seen.

Just for your information Celine made this show 5-6 days per week for 5 years. And sadly this show was closed a few weeks ago. But you can see the show every time you want when you had this DVD. So in this DVD, this show was opened by song ” A New Day Has Come Slow version”. Celine came up with her black kimono look-a-like costume. Then she sang the medley of “The Power of Love” , “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” , “Because You Love Me”, and “To Love You More”. Thanks to the big screen that made the stage looked more attractive and gave a great ambiance. Then she said hello to the audience and she sang “I’m Alive”. The best part was the big screen displayed city street background. So it looked Celine singing in the middle of the street with building behind her. The hottest act when she sang “Seduces me”. She sat in a chair and there were more than 20 shirtless men surrounded her. Wow I think every girl want to try that chair. I can’t wait to tell you the best part of this show was in the last 2 songs. Next she sang “River Deep, Mountain High”. She wore a dress like you can see in the cover. She was very beautiful, amazing, elegant, and fabulous. Then the dancers were dancing around her. Wow! And you can see her dancing a little bit. She shook her butt a little but it was great. Then the show was closed with “My Heart Will Go On”. While she changed her costume, you can see a big moon. As if you were so close with the moon. There was a lady flying with a long long dress (I like this part). And the violin played a part of the melodies as the opening. It was overwhelming show I think.

And you can see the journey of several Celine’s fans around the world. You can watch them from their home until they came to Las Vegas and meeting Celine Dion. In A New Day All Access you will feel you were a part of the show. You will see what Celine did before, during, and after the show. Then in A New Day The Secrets you will know how this project happened. What the things happened before the premiere began such as how Celine got idea to make this show, how they built the Caesar Palace for the first time and it was for Celine, how Franco Dragone cast the dancer, and the problem appeared just before the premiere. You will know what happened during the last four years of this show and the best part was Celine still did the show when her dad passed away.

You must have this DVD. Even you are not Celine’s fans but it is worth it. Try to watch it but do not buy the piracy.




  1. PAGI ANG!!!


    In my opinion, the concert is not just a great performances but it also show us bout how CELINE touch her fans through her songs n expressions n how it change their life (well at least some of them…).

    n U can say that she’s so humble, generous n very kind woman. her dancer even said that CELINE’s like their mother, how much their care when She’s sick, n how they have fun 2gether.

    n U also can say that although she has reach so much success, She told Us that her success is just to be a great momZ for Rene Charles…its so overwhelming.

    the point is U know how she really is when U watch this DVD n it makes U wanna meet this Diva…I do.
    “tante,kapan ya Qta bisa ketemuan?”

    segitu dulu yah ceritanya,ntar disambung lagi lewat topik2 yg laen!!

    nb: kapan nih bikin review soal BEYONCE’s EXPERIENCE? bajakannya dah kluar lo…aldre aja beli. DITUNGGU juga soal review DESTINY’s CHILD, moga2 bisa selengkap ini. tenkyu Ang…

  2. Sabar ya git. gue baru aja kelar nonton DVD experincenya. hmmm review ya seceptnya setelah kelar kerjaan yang numpuk. he5x. sabar tapi kesimpulannya gue puas ma konser dia yang ini daripada yang album sebelumnya. banyak peningkatan dari segi vokal dan performance

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