Posted by: aang | January 10, 2010

Here I am

Here I am

Alone …..

and there is dark ahead

where the future takes me… I don’t Know

All I know I have to take a move forward

Alone… By Myself……

Here I am

Still wondering if there is better day ahead and for me

still dark ahead and I can’t see anything through

I won’t regret the past

I won’t move backward or just stay here

I have to go

even still there is a dark ahead

this child inside  is being older

can’t decide any better

Here I am….

Whispering my pray

Wishing God Show me the way



  1. *hug*

    • I feel Insecure mbak.. Suddenly!
      When I think about my future!

    • *feel better*

  2. Dear GOD,
    I wish for YOU to always protect and guide my beloved friend, Aang…

    • Thank you friend! 🙂

  3. Dibalik kesulitan ada kemudahan,maka bersyukurlah atas apa yang telah diberi,niscaya Allah akan menambahkan nikmat-Nya…

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